Sep. 28th, 2016

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So I've been having a bit of a problem with my power cord/adapter and the computer not acknowledging it was plugged in off and on for a while. Thought I had it fixed until this week, then it abruptly stopped working altogether. Luckily,I could order a new one and next day shipping was free for once, so I'm back to having a working computer!

Just in time to find out that it did not save my working draft of my Yuletide letter. It saved something labeled Yuletide letter, but not any of the information within. *headdesks*

Luckily I'm recycling two fandoms, so they mostly needed a moderate revamp (that added like two paragraphs on to one fandom's section, oops). And I had at least thought through the other fandoms a bit already, so I could just rewrite some of my existing ideas. But still, that wasn't the most fun. Also, my letter is now twice as long as the minimum story length. So yeah.

Fun things learned while writing this letter? I apparently have a real character kink for the trickster/manipulative/jewel thief/guile hero when it's a female character, and I love shipping said character with a lawfulish good male character. Hadn't realized it was more than just a one fandom thing until I started writing my Order of the Air section and practically hyperventilated over Mitch/Stasi.


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