Nov. 10th, 2016

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This election is devastating. I say this as a straight white Christian girl who is relatively buffered from the rest of the effects. I am angry, and I am upset, and I am grieving.

I used a metaphor with a friend on facebook. She was saying that she was too angry now to be calm and Buddhist, that she was going to fight back with everything she had to defend her husband and her friends. I told her that some people needed to be the sharp end of the spear, needed to be the offense in this next step of the battle for human rights and safety.

I'm not a spearpoint. I don't think I ever will be. But I can be the hearth-fire. I can be the place of shelter, and comfort and refreshment to those who fight. I can support them and stand beside them. And I will always be part of the shield-wall. I will always want to stand and protect those who will be hurt most.

We need both. If you cannot fight, will you join me in trying to be the shield and comfort?


mari4212: calla lily against a black background (Default)

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