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We have a little under three weeks left in the ESC Maryland year. House of Ruth has me for two more weeks, and is determined to get every last bit of work out of me. (Also, number of people asking me if I would work at HRM on a longer-term basis is pretty much the number of people I work with there.) It broke my heart a bit to turn down the job I was offered there, but it's also not a job I can do long term and it's not the place I want to be going career wise. Awesome place, fantastic, necessary work, incredibly exhausting and draining. I'm glad I did it, I'm glad I know I've gained that strength and grown so much over the year, I want to do something else now.

Intentional community is also very much winding down. Okay, not that our community ever did actually all bond that much, but we're all kind of getting to the point where we don't care too much anymore. Some of us will stay friends, some of us will scatter and never talk again I think.

Job-search has been gearing up. I had my second interview today at a church in Alexandria for a Children's Ministry position, and I was told I should know by the end of this coming week or early next week for certain. Meanwhile, tomorrow I have an interview set for a different church out in Seattle.

I think the interview went well? It was a group session with several of the Sunday school teachers/a few parents and the priest who would be my direct supervisor, and I think I presented well. I brought up a few things I don't think a lot of others would have brought up, and I think I did a good job of going through a Children's Chapel session. Not having a kid's bible on hand I re-wrote the passage myself, and I'm good at storytelling with an expressive voice even when the passage is somewhat boring. I explained an activity to do with the kids that was related to the passage, and talked about how I would adapt it up or down depending on the number of children present. The teachers pretended to be the kids asking questions, and I bounced answers off pretty well.

I did bring up kids with disabilities and accommodations/adaptations for them for the Sunday school program. They talked about what they had for a few ADHD kids, and said that they had some kids in the church on the autism spectrum who currently didn't attend the Sunday School program, partially because of overstimulation issues, and I walked through what I would do to help create a Sunday school program that might work for them. First thing would be talking with the parents and with the kids on what they would like and what might be adaptations for them, like a quieter classroom, or things that they could do to interpret on their own or with soothers like drawing prayer or a hand labyrinth.

We'll see where things go, and how the interview tomorrow turns out.
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