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General Info:

Quick and dirty rules:

If you love the canon and you love writing your story, I will probably love it. Every prompt I throw out is a suggestion to have fun playing with or to spark ideas, it is not set in stone. I will read any rating from straight G to very explicit, though most of my prompts will start off gen based.

Things I love across all fandoms:
Female characters with agency (ie, making choices, having consequences, going out and doing the things themselves because they want them done). Friendships, especially female friendships. Friendships and respect into love. Unrequited love/pining, as long as the pining character figures out how to go on with the rest of their life. Unrequited/pining turning into mutual love as respect and friendship builds. Time travel, especially with older versions of the characters going back and interacting with younger counterparts/younger versions of their group. Lawful good characters not being lawful stupid. Lawful good characters in general (think Steve Rogers, 90% of Star Trek, Obi-Wan Kenobi, Keladry of Mindelan, most Heralds in Valdemar). I enjoy canon typical stories and canon divergent AUs, the kind where you ask what would have happened had this person made this key choice differently.

Do Not Wants:
Rape/Non-con/Dub-con. Racism/homophobia/misogyny being portrayed positively, if you have to portray it at all. Character bashing; even if it's not one of my nominated characters please assume I love everyone in all my canons and you'd be right more often than not. I squick on infidelity, so if you want to ship a couple that have significant others in canon, please set it in an au where the original couple never got together or somehow broke it off. On the other hand, I do like OT3 and consider it a very useful alternative to jealousy/shipping wars.


The Lost World - tv
Requested Characters: Marguerite Krux, John Roxton

What I love: It's a post WW1 adventure setting with dinosaurs, shifting planes of reality and found family aspects, what's not to love? Moreover, I love the relationship between Marguerite and Roxton, how good they are for each other, how much they challenge and build one another up, and the chemistry was fantastic between the actors.

So in this fandom, Marguerite is my best beloved character and I love things that deal with how honestly complex she is as a character, how she is both extremely selfish and yet will sacrifice a lot for those she cares about, how she can be petty, cruel, and vindictive but also kind and compassionate with her own sense of honor. Play with something about that, if you like. Or give me something from one of the semi-AU episodes they had, like the one where Roxton went back to the Old West, and write a continuation of those characters. Or hey, the one episode in the first season with the Druids, where Marguerite, Roxton, and Malone ended up forgetting what they'd done. How would things have potentially changed if they'd remembered that incident? It gave a very different perspective of Marguerite for the first season.

I'm also fine with family-style fluff around the camp, especially the dynamics we saw in season 3 where they had gotten used to each other and had some trust built up. Or if you have some long and elaborate adventure story that you've always wanted to do with this series, go with that. I'm a sucker for time travel and older versions of characters meeting the younger, so if you want to play with third season characters seeing first season characters again, it will make me squee high enough to make all the nearby bats start flying in circles.

Basically, I've loved this series for a long time, and have been requesting this show for several Yuletides. Not that I don't want my other fandom requests, because I really do, but I've been really lucky in prior Yuletides and have had most of my other rare fandoms given fanfics. If you signed up for this show but are realizing that you can't remember the characters as well as you hoped, here is a link to where most of the episodes are up on youtube:

Valdemar Series - Mercedes Lackey
Requested Characters: Karal Austreben

So I just finished re-reading these, and remembering why I love Karal so intensely. Valdemar as a series is one of my feel-good reads, I enjoy the fact that most of the characters are good people trying as hard as they can, and even though they sometimes fail or make mistakes, they keep trying to do what is right. It hits my idealist kink, okay?

With the Mage Storms trilogy subset of the Valdemar series, I love Karal as a person and his interactions with pretty much everyone. I love the mentorships between Karal and Ulrich, and Karal and Altra. I love the "you are practically an alien creature to me but I respect you and might fall in love with you if we ever spend more than a day with each other outside of crisis mode" that he and Natoli fell into. I love that Karal is sincerely devout, but his understanding and approach towards his religious calling shifts and deepens as the series goes on. I love that his story isn't over, that there's a lot of things that he still will develop and grow with in the new world after the storms ended.

Specific prompts: I'd love to see something set after the trilogy ends. We know Firesong and Silverveil end up with Darien and K'Valdemar vale, and that And'esha ends up back with the Shin'a'in. Karal goes back to Haven as the new Karsite ambassador, what goes on then? How do things develop with the Alliance after the Storms subside and the hard work of living with each other post-crisis comes in to play? Or, give me an alternate universe where Ulrich was injured but not killed in the assassination attempt. How does that change the rest of the story? Does Karal take on the same levels of responsibilities? What things would come in to play? Or, we see Karal mostly from within his own viewpoint, with limited bits from a few other characters. How does Selaney, or Natoli, or Ulrich view Karal as he goes on in the story? What do the Heralds in general feel about a man who isn't Chosen spending all this time with a specific Companion? How does Alberich feel about Ulrich and Karal, before, during, after the Mage Storms crisis hits?

Joan of Arcadia
Requested Characters Joan, God

So Joan of Arcadia made my religion/theology focused brain squee when it was on air. I still to this day love large portions of the show, including how it refused to come up with a bunch of easy answers. I loved the various characters of God that Joan perceives, and how God points out that Joan still is not able to grasp even the tiniest fraction of what God truly is, or the big picture of any of it. I love that Joan tries and fails, tries again, figures out bits and pieces, and then loses it and learns lessons again, because that's very true. I love the friendships she builds with Adam and Grace, how none of them really ever understand one another, but they begin to enjoy and support each other, and grow to love one another without having to always comprehend each other. I love that Joan gets frustrated and exasperated by God, that she stomps off and refuses missions and then comes back.

As for prompts, I'm pretty wide open on this. I think what I'd love most is more canon, more missions or tasks to see Joan go into. I'm also very up for a post canon something, say shortly after canon with what they were setting up for season three being a confrontation/season long chess match against Hunter. Or go for the long post-canon, what is Joan doing ten years on? They hinted about her going into law, is that what she ended up being passionate about, or do you see her doing something else? Does she still do missions from God, have the missions changed or evolved? What would make her tell someone else about God? Or if you want to do something with the throw-away bit where they reveal that Joan talked to God as a very young child. What kinds of missions did God give Joan back then? Did God give Joan missions then, or was it a different type of relationship? Will Joan's relationship and interactions with God change as she gets older?

Hand of Isis - Jo Graham
Requested Characters Charmian

I love Numinous World with a fiery passion, and Hand of Isis has some of my favorite bits. I love Charmian as a character: passionate, kind, loving, practical, proud to the point where it's almost her fatal flaw, and absolutely fearless. I love her interactions with her sisters, the focus of the book on the world of Alexandria and the strength and beauty of Cleopatra's reign, even with the undercurrents and politics that ultimately destroyed it. I love the calls forward and back through time, the relationships that build and destroy themselves over the centuries and repeated lives.

Prompts: I'm half-way tempted to point you at [personal profile] settiai's Yuletide letter, because I think she hit like 95% of what I would ask for anyway. And yes, [personal profile] settiai, if you get assigned to me again this is carte blanche to have fun and do any story your heart desires in this fandom. But I don't want to make you jump over to another letter, so here goes.

I would love canon divergent aus in this fandom. There were so many change points where things could have spun out differently. What if Charmian had asked for Agrippa to come back when she found she was pregnant with Demetria? What if Agrippa had realized on his own? Or made the choice to come to Egypt after Caesar's death to swear himself to Caesar's only son? What if Marcus Antonius had made the sacrifice play and bought Egypt the ten years it needed for Caesarion to grow into himself fully? What if Cleopatra's siblings hadn't pulled a Ptolemy dynasty bit and fought each other for the throne? Would Cleopatra have gone to marry somewhere else? To Herod? Would she have gone to Rome to build alliances there? How would that have changed who she loved? Would Charmian have met Agrippa there, or would Cleopatra have still loved Antonius?

If you're not interested in AUs, I'd also love other perspectives throughout the book. What does Iras or Cleopatra feel in certain scenes? What are some of the missing scenes that you could expand on throughout the novel? What does it mean to be chosen by a God, how does that calling change how you live? Especially since Charmian, Cleopatra, and Iras are all chosen by different aspects of Isis, and how they see and interact with the world is radically different.
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