Nov. 5th, 2015 02:50 pm
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So on the one hand, the big mucking project for the national church is over and it apparently was very well received by both presiding bishops.

For those of you not following the intricacies of the American Episcopal Church, the head of the clergy is the presiding bishop, we elect a new one every 9 years, and this year is the major transition from the first female presiding bishop, Katherine Jefforts-Schori, to the first African American presiding bishop, Michael Curry.

My new priest is pretty high up in the Union of Black Episcopalians, and they were hosting a vigil service for the new presiding bishop. I got asked to help make vestments, an altar frontal (the giant tablecloth thing on the altar), and a baptismal font. We had all of a week to get this done, and it all happened. There are even pictures somewhere which is not yet my computer.

(In this case, Episcopal Digital Network, at least for the frontal and a tiny bit of the vestments)

In other church news on the positive side, two major upcoming events that I thought I was going to have to take the lead on planning turned out to already have people doing a lot of the work, so I just have to throw in my bits and supervise everything.

On the other hand, the church tried to pay me by direct depositing the check into the priest's bank account. So my priest is the one who catches it, and now she has to write me a check that I will be sending back home to get deposited. Head, meet desk.


And on the completely non-work side, Yuletide assignments are out, canon review is about half-way through, and my assignment totally hit all my easy buttons.


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