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Jan. 2nd, 2016 09:27 pm
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Finally saw Force Awakens this weekend.

You know, if someone had told me that Finn was pretty much the iconic Hufflepuff hero, and that Rey was the primary lead of the movie, I'd have been in much more of a rush to go see it.

I mean, I watched the entire movie and I didn't want to look around for Obi-Wan to come in and make it interesting even once. That has pretty much never happened to me before with Star Wars movies.

So, Rey. Rey who is brilliant and kind and loyal and just flat out good for goodness's sake. Thank you so much for Rey and for allowing her character to be the lead and not be dark and edgy. Rey who stands by her morals when they hurt her. So much love.

Finn! Finn my love. First off, props to the actor because he put so much life and feeling into Finn's face throughout. Finn who stands there in the dark and refuses to follow an order too kill the helpless. Finn who was sickened by the evil and decided to do the right thing, or to at least not support the wrong thing. Finn who falls in love with the first two people who care for him, and who then will do everything for them even when he's scared out of his wits. Finn who is scared for so much of the movie, but who refuses to back down if it means he helps them.

Poe? TBH, Poe is pretty much a non-entity right now, though his scenes with BB-8 and Finn were cute enough. He's not trying to be the obnoxious pilot stereotype, at least, so I will like him for that. And I will on some level love him forever for saying that Finn deserves to have a name, not just a designation and doing that first and foremost.

Han and Leia (and Chewbacca) are all awesome and did a fantastic job. I believed Han and Leia as adults who loved each other deeply, still love each other, but who fell apart from one another during a tragedy. I love how adult they were about it, and how much the deep care and respect and friendship still showed through. I spoiled myself for Han's death, but it still felt right and a good ending for him. For Han's sake, he had to try, had to offer the chance for love and redemption. And the moment where Leia feels his death because yes she is force sensitive even if she never went for the Jedi aspect? Beautifully acted and it worked well.

Kylo Ren: Is deeply scary in that I can see all the angry entitled guys in their early twenties who lash out and attack the world for not giving them everything they wanted in him. Otherwise, nope. Nope nope nope, he is not an interesting character to me. Anakin Skywalker ends up a better fall story, and I mostly wanted to smack Anakin upside the head with a frying pan a few dozen times. Kylo is gross and pathetic and vicious, not overwhelming and terrifying. Although I do have to agree with other flist-mates, at least he didn't go for the sexualized aspect of villainy.

Maz: I deeply loved the tiny alien who likes Chewie more than Han and who listens to what Rey and Finn were saying on the surface and below the surface as well. She was sweet and interesting and I wanted to know all her stories.
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