Feb. 1st, 2016 09:11 pm
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I will not stab my nice, highly invested, youth ministry volunteers.

I will not stab them when they remind me, slightly over a week before, that Scout Sunday is coming and they're expecting something amazing for it. (Okay, I did remember when Scout Sunday was and had already started discussing it with Kim, but really? We plan church out in advance, people.)

I will not stab them when I make a post encouraging all scouts to show up in uniform, including the girls, and I get four comments about how Girl Scout Sunday isn't until March 6th, and it's not fair to push the girls in with the boys, that they should have their own day to celebrate. Even if I pointed out that there are already two different things going on that Sunday that we'll need to be prepping for as well.

I will absolutely not stab them for making these comments after magically supposing that I will intuit how these days have been handled in this church and what the groupthink was when I've not been there for these Sundays and have heard absolutely nothing from the church about how they have been handled in the past.

And I will respond to nothing more tonight when I am ticked at them, but will reply in the morning by letting them know that they have been heard and I will instead figure out a way to include the girl scouts into an already full Sunday when I could have let them be celebrated with the rest of the scouting universe on an acceptable date to represent all scouting.

...You know, like I've seen it done at pretty much every other church I've been in.

And I will figure out some way to let them know that Reverend Kim didn't make the decision that they are angry about, much though at least one of them seemed to be making a swipe at her for this.

But first, I will make myself some hot chocolate, and not scream at passive aggressive church ladies.

*headdesk* And it had been such a nice day.


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