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Feb. 6th, 2016 08:49 pm
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I finally made it down to the local humane society this weekend, and I now have a kitty sharing the apartment with me. *glees*

I walked in and asked about the older cats, and was immediately pulled over to one playroom where they had a 9-year-old Balinese cat named Smudge. And yes, it was love at first pet. Two minutes in and he was rolling over, showing off his side, and butting his head in for more pets. At that point, it was really all over but the paperwork.

Smudge got back to my apartment and spent the next three hours sitting on top of the microwave. Which, since it's in the corner of the kitchen, on top on one shelf and right below another shelf, with just enough room for him on there, was a perfectly good spot for a new kitty to sit in while he surveyed the land.

After that first three hours, I came in and cuddled him on the head, as I'd been doing periodically. This time he hopped down off of the microwave after me, followed me around as I walked through the apartment, and apparently decided that it was a good space and he still wanted me. He's been following me around the apartment ever since.

Things learned about Smudge so far: He's remarkably quiet, only occasionally mrapping at me. He likes been near (as I type this he's sitting right beyond my laptop on the bed). He likes higher perches in general. He is fast learning not to walk on the laptop keypad, but every other part of me is acceptable walking on or curling up next to space. He likes being brushed, which is a very good thing, since he's a long-haired cat. He is very much not sure what to make of me spending time in the wet-all-over space, as he thinks it is very dangerous to be in that much water.

And he's reminding me a lot of Blackie, my cat from kindergarten through college. Same core personality.

No pictures yet, I took some with my cell, but they are not transferring to my computer. It'll have to wait until I find the camera and see if the batteries within still work or if I need to grab new ones when I do a grocery shop this week.


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