Sep. 4th, 2016 05:59 pm
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*blows dust and cobwebs off of journal*

So yeah, I kind of disappeared from active ljing months ish? What's been up since then:

1. Kitty is well settled in, and adapted to home. He functions as a pretty good alarm clock, once we came to an agreement that four in the morning was not going to happen. He's settled into waking me up around six nowadays. He's a lot more vocal than he was at first, and he loves playing with my hair. He's also disturbingly good at getting hairties off of the end of my braids when he wants.

2. Church stuff, including a busy summer, has happened. Some of my church youth participate in Appalachia Service Project, which works on rebuilding and repairing homes in portions of Appalachia, and of course I went too to help supervise. We were in West Virginia when the rains/flooding hit, but fortunately did not have to be evacuated, unlike other ASP sites in the state.

Other church things this summer: Vacation Bible School took place and no-one died in the process, even me. I actually managed to find a free VBS program with decent theology, two major wins in a row.

And our interim Rector's time ended at the beginning of August. I am going to miss working with her, because seriously, she was awesome. I still have her on Facebook, which helps somewhat. Our new priest starts in November, so we have a supply priest covering Sunday worship and the parish admin and I are kind of running the church office, with vestry/senior warden running the church. I've at least shot an intro e-mail out to him, so he knows I'm a geek and some of my work background.

3. Big family news: my brother and his girlfriend are expecting a child late January/early February. We've known for a while but have been sitting on the news since there was a lot of other stuff involved in said girlfriend's life to be settled first. Mom and I are both knitting blankets. Well, Mom is actively knitting. I decided to do a lofty ambitious cabled project, freaked about the time involved, and started knitting as soon as I got back from the ASP week in early June. Said cabled project went way faster than anything I'd expected, and the blanket is all done way ahead of schedule.

4. Some friends from college and I are starting a sewing blog focused on historical reenactment and geek culture/cosplay and where they kind of overlap. We've got the first few posts up here: Yes, I did write nearly 2000 words about Beauty and the Beast costumes and where in the 18th century we can place the story based on Belle's dresses.

5. And it's hard to believe, but it's almost time for Yuletide Noms. I've got my tentative list arranged, at least.


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