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Yuletide fic is done, finally.

...I uploaded a shorter version of it that worked about a month ago, just to have something there, but I've been tinkering and adding sections on as I've gone. Yesterday I finally uploaded the final section, making it the longest Yuletide fic I've ever written. And this is after I scrapped about half of it to get it down to a length I could actually accomplish, given November was November.

Now I need to leave it set for a day before I re-read frantically and make sure I didn't miss something in prior edits. Or possibly look around and see if I can pull off a treat or two. I had a bunch highlighted before the world went crazy.

Also, dear Yuletide author, if you are reading this which you most likely are, given my normal suspects: If the collection opens when it did last year, I will be between two church services on Christmas Eve. I will either dive headfirst into my story as decompression, or I will be ignoring it until I have a brain again the next morning. I am already planning on pretty much never leaving the church that day, given Community Cafe in the morning, then the Christmas pageant practices through the second church service. Expect a squeeing review in the morning, after my cat wakes me up demanding breakfast.
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