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Recs in Madeleine L'Engle, Beauty and the Beast, Emelan, Enchanted Forest Chronicles, Mulan, and Order of the Air

Austin & Murry-O'Keefe Families - Madeleine L'Engle

my soul's calm retreat
“Did you break up with Adam?” She asked immediately.

“No,” I replied, wincing at the tone of my voice that sounded unnecessarily defensive. To be fair, it was maybe sort of a lie.
“You’re too clingy, Vicky. Guys don’t like that.”
Dating advice from my 17 year old little sister, just what I always wanted.

Vicky! We saw bits of Suzy as an adult in some of the other books, but this is a wonderful glance at Vicky and Adam in the college/grad school range, working through what they want and need. The love is there, the communication needs work, as always.

Beauty and the Beast (1991)

The Finite Boundaries of the Heart
Summary: After the curse is broken, Belle tries to come to terms with a Prince in place of her Beast.

Belle! This is a fantastic take on her, and on the relationship between Belle and the Beast in the aftermath of the movie. Re-learning friendship and love.

behold my soul's true face
Summary: The castle receives a visitor.

What does it do to the inhabitants of the castle to receive another visit from an old peasant woman begging to stay the night?

Emelan - Tamora Pierce

Okay, just go read the entire section! That said, these stuck out especially for me.

pray for the sun to rise

Summary: Four Longnights that Tris, Briar, Sandry and Daja spent apart, and one they spent together.

The Circle, before and after canon, and it's just a beautiful glimpse into their worlds.

(all I want is) to be your harbor

“Rosie?” Lark’s voice was muffled and sleepy.

Rosethorn smiled. “Bad dreams,” she said, before Lark could ask more.

Lark pushed herself up onto one arm. Her hair tumbled around her ears and into her face, and Lark didn’t brush it away. “Come here, then.”

A night in Discipline Cottage in late summer, shortly after Rosethorn returned from travelling with Briar and Evvy.

Lark and Rosethorn, beautifully written to show how their relationship works.

Enchanted Forest Chronicles - Patricia C. Wrede

Like the Emelan fics, they were all wonderful, and you should read the entire section. That said, these were my favorites.

Left Behind

Summary: Set between the last chapter and epilogue of Calling on Dragons.
Obtaining a few drops of water from the fountain of youth sounds like a simple thing, but past experience suggests otherwise for Morwen and Telemain.

Baby Morwen and Telemain doing things! Adult Morwen and Telemain doing things! Enchanted Forest being the Enchanted forest.

Before Happily Ever After

Summary: Alianora learns that facing down dragons and wizards is nowhere near as hard as standing up to an overbearing aunt.

Alianora and her prince fade out of the books, but this is a fantastic follow-up of what she did next.

In the Air

Summary: Cimorene and Mendanbar are making preparations for their fast-approaching wedding, but when a love potion goes awry Cimorene finds herself with an unwanted suitor. Set during the last chapter of book 2. Cimorene/Mendanbar with hints of Morwen/Telemain

So this is brilliant Cimorene voice, and a fun plot inside the canon. Props especially for the fail knight, he sounds exactly like the champions and knights Cimorene confronted in the first book.


Summary: This is how the world actually works: instead of leading soldiers into battle, Shang is given command over a disorganized bunch of conscripted civilians who don't know the business end of a sword. Instead of fighting to defend China, he is stuck training these misfits into something resembling soldiers. And instead of being devoted to a wife or his job as a soldier, he is becoming attracted to one of his men.

Shang! This is gorgeously written and tells Shang's POV perfectly.

Order of the Air - Melissa Scott and Jo Graham
Voices For The Voiceless

Summary: Stasi and Douglas have a conversation about the war, about people, and about right and wrong.

Stasi! Stasi being wise and good and pragmatic. And Douglas working through things with his idealism and his desire to do good. This was my gift fic, and I'm still squeeing at it.
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