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2017-02-07 11:32 am

I'm an Auntie!

My brother and his girlfriend had their first child, Liam Michael, this morning at 10:20 am. *glees* Mom and baby are doing fine, though Kassandra is absolutely exhausted.
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2017-01-27 06:58 pm
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Rejoice for this fic was lost and now is found

The worst thing about having my computer hard drive die twice when I was in the Philippines was that I lost fic that I had been writing. Two stories in particular were irreplaceable, I thought.

...guess what I found hidden in the recesses of my e-mail accounts? And of course, I didn't find either by searching for them by title. I found one looking for a phone number, and the other by finally bothering to search for "kitty story".

Yes, Mom and Dad, I finally found the Right Side of the Door story again!

I also found the nano story that I'd written back when I was teaching for Americorps. Which, I need desperately to re-read through it and figure out where I was going next with it, and then I should probably start writing on it again just to see if I can finish it successfully. I know I need to work on introducing all the ghosts earlier on in the narrative, and that I need to actually get my head around the whole plot issue.
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2016-12-31 11:01 pm

Yuletide reveals

I wrote two stories for Yuletide this year, both for the same fandom:

A True and Honest Thought (18654 words) by mari4212
Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Emelan - Tamora Pierce
Rating: General Audiences
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Characters: Niklaren Goldeye, Trisana Chandler, Sandrilene fa Toren, Briar Moss, Daja Kisubo, Dedicate Lark, Dedicate Rosethorn
Additional Tags: Mentor/Protégé, Teaching, Families of Choice, Tris Has Issues, Canon Compliant, Canon Era, Weather Magic, alternate POV

...that when you become a teacher, by your pupil, you'll be taught. Both Niko and Tris have a lot to learn from one another.

fic discussion )

Playing dirty (1673 words) by mari4212
Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Emelan - Tamora Pierce
Rating: General Audiences
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Characters: Trisana Chandler

Five things about Lightsbridge that are easier than Tris thought they would be, and one that is harder.

fic discussion part two )

At least both recipients seemed to really like their fics, and I got to re-immerse myself in Emelan and fall in love with the characters again.
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2016-12-26 07:37 pm

Yuletide recs

Recs in Madeleine L'Engle, Beauty and the Beast, Emelan, Enchanted Forest Chronicles, Mulan, and Order of the Air Read more... )
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2016-12-20 11:18 am

Yuletide rambles

Yuletide fic is done, finally.

...I uploaded a shorter version of it that worked about a month ago, just to have something there, but I've been tinkering and adding sections on as I've gone. Yesterday I finally uploaded the final section, making it the longest Yuletide fic I've ever written. And this is after I scrapped about half of it to get it down to a length I could actually accomplish, given November was November.

Now I need to leave it set for a day before I re-read frantically and make sure I didn't miss something in prior edits. Or possibly look around and see if I can pull off a treat or two. I had a bunch highlighted before the world went crazy.

Also, dear Yuletide author, if you are reading this which you most likely are, given my normal suspects: If the collection opens when it did last year, I will be between two church services on Christmas Eve. I will either dive headfirst into my story as decompression, or I will be ignoring it until I have a brain again the next morning. I am already planning on pretty much never leaving the church that day, given Community Cafe in the morning, then the Christmas pageant practices through the second church service. Expect a squeeing review in the morning, after my cat wakes me up demanding breakfast.
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2016-11-10 08:58 am

Spearpoint and Shieldwall

This election is devastating. I say this as a straight white Christian girl who is relatively buffered from the rest of the effects. I am angry, and I am upset, and I am grieving.

I used a metaphor with a friend on facebook. She was saying that she was too angry now to be calm and Buddhist, that she was going to fight back with everything she had to defend her husband and her friends. I told her that some people needed to be the sharp end of the spear, needed to be the offense in this next step of the battle for human rights and safety.

I'm not a spearpoint. I don't think I ever will be. But I can be the hearth-fire. I can be the place of shelter, and comfort and refreshment to those who fight. I can support them and stand beside them. And I will always be part of the shield-wall. I will always want to stand and protect those who will be hurt most.

We need both. If you cannot fight, will you join me in trying to be the shield and comfort?
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2016-11-05 11:10 am

update on courting

...It didn't happen.

So last night my uncle called around 6ish to let us know that traffic was really bad and he'd be taking the long way home, we should have our dinner and not wait for him. I finished making the soup and bread, and aunt Cathy and I ate.

Right around 7:20 we get another call from my uncle. He hit a dear. Or the dear hit him, more. He was okay, just a little shaken, and he needed us to come get him while a tow truck collected his car.

So Cathy and I called various people to let them know not to come over, including the landscaper guy, and she and I got in the truck and went to find Uncle Ralph. We spent from a little after 7:30ish till 9pm sitting in the driveway of the house closest to where the accident had happened, chatting with the couple that had come out to check on Ralph and offered him a place to move his car, and the tow truck still didn't show. We decided to head back to my aunt and uncle's place, leaving the car with its keys for the tow truck.

The couple that had helped Uncle Ralph called around 9:45ish to let us know that the tow truck had finally arrived.

Landscaper guy called me this morning, reaffirmed that he still wanted to try to connect with me, and I said I'd be willing to at least talk further to see if we had anything in common. So no awkward post dinner conversation, but a slightly awkward phone call?
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2016-11-04 09:37 am

In which my life starts resembling a period novel

So my aunt and uncle's landscaper is going to come call on me tonight. Which, the language there just makes me feel like I dropped into a Victorian novel, although this is at least one or two class level differences that would make a standard Victorian go apoplectic.

...Not quite sure how he went from yes he could ask for my phone number to call and talk sometime to see if we had anything in common to having the first step be a formal sit-down with my aunt providing tea and cookies and backing out of the room, but yeah, there's that.

This will either be nice or completely awkward. At this point I'm taking bets.
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2016-10-16 11:38 pm

yuletide rambling

Canon review about half over, and a wild plot appears!

I know pretty much what my focus is, what key points I have to make sure to hit, and what the resolution is. Now I just have to finish reviewing canon to get details right, and then write the darn thing.

Still, progress?
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2016-10-14 02:37 pm


I got home yesterday about this time. Mom had been picking up a kidlet from kindergarten, and she noticed Dad's car parked, and mentioned that that must mean that I was back.

Kidlets shrieked, ran from the corner of the block to Dad's car, and then when Mom gave permission, around to the back of the house to come in. I was in the kitchen at that moment. Cue another set of shrieks and me being tackled by a five year old and a four year old babbling about how much they'd missed me when I was gone.

...Come this morning, they've stopped shrieking when they see me (for which my ears are truly grateful because wow were they loud), but they're still ridiculously excited whenever they see me.

Nice to know I was missed.
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2016-10-10 07:38 pm


I have an assignment already! *pets shiny recipient* Plus they had their letter up already, and I'd thought about what I'd write for this person, so yay for shiny things. I can even do canon review on vacation and draft ideas. And one thing they suggested strongly for this fandom is even squarely in my wheelhouse.

*cuddles shiny prompts*
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2016-09-29 11:34 am

Yuletide Letter

General Info:

Quick and dirty rules:

Read more... )

Things I love across all fandoms:

Read more... )

Do Not Wants:

Read more... )


The Lost World - tv
Requested Characters: Marguerite Krux, John Roxton

Read more... )

Valdemar Series - Mercedes Lackey
Requested Characters: Karal Austreben

Read more... )

Order of the Air – Melissa Scott and Jo Graham
Characters: Mitchell Sorley, Stasi (Order of the Air)

Read more... )

The Story of Owen – E. K. Johnson
Requested Characters: Siobhan McQuaid, Courtney Speed, Declan Porter

Read more... )
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2016-09-28 11:36 pm

Oh computer

So I've been having a bit of a problem with my power cord/adapter and the computer not acknowledging it was plugged in off and on for a while. Thought I had it fixed until this week, then it abruptly stopped working altogether. Luckily,I could order a new one and next day shipping was free for once, so I'm back to having a working computer!

Just in time to find out that it did not save my working draft of my Yuletide letter. It saved something labeled Yuletide letter, but not any of the information within. *headdesks*

Luckily I'm recycling two fandoms, so they mostly needed a moderate revamp (that added like two paragraphs on to one fandom's section, oops). And I had at least thought through the other fandoms a bit already, so I could just rewrite some of my existing ideas. But still, that wasn't the most fun. Also, my letter is now twice as long as the minimum story length. So yeah.

Fun things learned while writing this letter? I apparently have a real character kink for the trickster/manipulative/jewel thief/guile hero when it's a female character, and I love shipping said character with a lawfulish good male character. Hadn't realized it was more than just a one fandom thing until I started writing my Order of the Air section and practically hyperventilated over Mitch/Stasi.
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2016-09-21 10:01 pm

My mutant power

So all through high school/college, whenever we played those mixers/icebreaker questions and someone asked what I'd want my mutant power to be, I've answered healing/empathy. Because those are kickass and yes I have always wanted to be the healer/counselor archetype anyway. There is probably in some long-trashed notebook the beginnings of an X-men fanfic Stephie and I wrote where there's a self-insert character of me with just those powers. We worked on it during our senior prom, because yes we were those geeks.

Now, though? If I was going to be a mutant in any version of the X-men verse, I think I'd go a bit more prosaic. I want the stupid spot-on-the-wall level gifts. As in I spent part of today at work playing with the idea of a character whose main mutant gift is the ability to warm up liquid, with the difference in temperature they could create being inversely proportional to how much liquid they're working with. A mug of tea? Easy enough to raise that to the point where you never need a microwave to reheat your drink. A person? Yeah now your at the part where you can maybe warm them by a degree at most. Anything bigger and you might as well not bother.

The kind of character who doesn't go study at Xavier's long term, who gets maybe a weekend seminar or some sort of summer class, then goes home and does their own thing for the rest of their life and never learns that the one teacher trying to explain the thermodynamics of how their gift works is also the one in black leather shooting concussive force beams out his eyes on the regular. Who lives out the idea that for every Xavier, Emma Frost, or Jean Grey there are dozens of "telepaths" whose powers mostly make them slightly more empathic or really good guessers at Madlibs.

Also, I'd love it if I could actually drink my mug of tea and have it stay hot the entire time, rather than averaging three reheats in the microwave, and just having the pragmatic gift seems cool to me at this point in my life.

...Okay, I still wouldn't turn down some level of empathy/healing if it showed up.
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2016-09-10 09:48 pm


So my inability to tell when someone is flirting/hitting on me tends towards the legendary among my friends in real life.

Today? Today I actually noticed. Partially because it was so many of them in a row, and partially because one of them was pretty much lacking in all subtlety as he:

pointed out that he was a single father twice
mentioned that he'd been divorced for three months now
sat next to me talking at the church table for a good twenty minutes
Asked me if I had family, clarified to ask if I was married, then engaged, then if I was single in very short order
Found me and sent a friend request on facebook before I got home

At that point even I can take a hint. Dude wasn't creepy or annoying, just very obvious about his intent.

The other was having about three late twenty-something guys hovering around my table for a bit eating cookies and doing mild flirting with me.

...The things that happen when it's 90+ degrees out and you're wearing a semi low-cut sundress and have a prodigious bustline.

And also when you're handing out free cookies and lemonade at a street music fair/block party type thing for your church. That probably contributed in large part to the group of guys.
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2016-09-07 11:35 pm


Just finished reading The Story of Owen and Prairie Fire. (Yes, I know, late to the party as always.)

...[personal profile] grav_ity, you are a monster and a genius all at once. Good job, you made me hate you as soon as I realized what had to happen. And I still liked the book after it happened.

Also, this book reminds me so much of the first Captain America movie. Peggy and Sioban aren't at all the same, but they end up having to tell a similar story in the end.
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2016-09-04 05:59 pm


*blows dust and cobwebs off of journal*

So yeah, I kind of disappeared from active ljing months ish? What's been up since then:

1. Kitty is well settled in, and adapted to home. He functions as a pretty good alarm clock, once we came to an agreement that four in the morning was not going to happen. He's settled into waking me up around six nowadays. He's a lot more vocal than he was at first, and he loves playing with my hair. He's also disturbingly good at getting hairties off of the end of my braids when he wants. kitty )

2. Church stuff, including a busy summer, has happened. Some of my church youth participate in Appalachia Service Project, which works on rebuilding and repairing homes in portions of Appalachia, and of course I went too to help supervise. We were in West Virginia when the rains/flooding hit, but fortunately did not have to be evacuated, unlike other ASP sites in the state.

Other church things this summer: Vacation Bible School took place and no-one died in the process, even me. I actually managed to find a free VBS program with decent theology, two major wins in a row.

And our interim Rector's time ended at the beginning of August. I am going to miss working with her, because seriously, she was awesome. I still have her on Facebook, which helps somewhat. Our new priest starts in November, so we have a supply priest covering Sunday worship and the parish admin and I are kind of running the church office, with vestry/senior warden running the church. I've at least shot an intro e-mail out to him, so he knows I'm a geek and some of my work background.

3. Big family news: my brother and his girlfriend are expecting a child late January/early February. We've known for a while but have been sitting on the news since there was a lot of other stuff involved in said girlfriend's life to be settled first. Mom and I are both knitting blankets. Well, Mom is actively knitting. I decided to do a lofty ambitious cabled project, freaked about the time involved, and started knitting as soon as I got back from the ASP week in early June. Said cabled project went way faster than anything I'd expected, and the blanket is all done way ahead of schedule. blankie! )

4. Some friends from college and I are starting a sewing blog focused on historical reenactment and geek culture/cosplay and where they kind of overlap. We've got the first few posts up here: Yes, I did write nearly 2000 words about Beauty and the Beast costumes and where in the 18th century we can place the story based on Belle's dresses.

5. And it's hard to believe, but it's almost time for Yuletide Noms. I've got my tentative list arranged, at least.
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2016-02-25 04:25 pm

Hipply Birdie Daddy!

Hipply Birdie to you!
Read more... )

Hipply Birdie to you!
Read more... )

Hipply Birdie dear Daddy,
Read more... )

Hipply Birdie to you!
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2016-02-13 09:27 am

Hipply Birdie Mommy!

Hipply Birdie to you!

Read more... )

Hipply Birdie to you!

Read more... )

Hipply Birdie dear Mommy!

Read more... )

Hipply Birdie to you!

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Thought you'd like the teapot theme this year.
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2016-02-06 08:49 pm

New Kitty!

I finally made it down to the local humane society this weekend, and I now have a kitty sharing the apartment with me. *glees*

I walked in and asked about the older cats, and was immediately pulled over to one playroom where they had a 9-year-old Balinese cat named Smudge. And yes, it was love at first pet. Two minutes in and he was rolling over, showing off his side, and butting his head in for more pets. At that point, it was really all over but the paperwork.

Smudge got back to my apartment and spent the next three hours sitting on top of the microwave. Which, since it's in the corner of the kitchen, on top on one shelf and right below another shelf, with just enough room for him on there, was a perfectly good spot for a new kitty to sit in while he surveyed the land.

After that first three hours, I came in and cuddled him on the head, as I'd been doing periodically. This time he hopped down off of the microwave after me, followed me around as I walked through the apartment, and apparently decided that it was a good space and he still wanted me. He's been following me around the apartment ever since.

Things learned about Smudge so far: He's remarkably quiet, only occasionally mrapping at me. He likes been near (as I type this he's sitting right beyond my laptop on the bed). He likes higher perches in general. He is fast learning not to walk on the laptop keypad, but every other part of me is acceptable walking on or curling up next to space. He likes being brushed, which is a very good thing, since he's a long-haired cat. He is very much not sure what to make of me spending time in the wet-all-over space, as he thinks it is very dangerous to be in that much water.

And he's reminding me a lot of Blackie, my cat from kindergarten through college. Same core personality.

No pictures yet, I took some with my cell, but they are not transferring to my computer. It'll have to wait until I find the camera and see if the batteries within still work or if I need to grab new ones when I do a grocery shop this week.