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I only had one person request any drabbles from me. Luckily, Rishi asked for several.

Fandom: Merlin, Character: Morgana Prompt: Etiquette
Lessons )

That prompt actually gets two drabbles for the price of one, because Morgana insisted that she was not done yet, thank you very much, now get back to writing. And thus:

Valuation )

Fandom: Sailor Moon Character: Usagi Prompt: Dreams

Dreams )

Fandom: Firefly Character: Inara Prompt: Dances

Dancing )
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I actually had all these written at least a week before I went back to school. I was just stalling because I wanted to see if I could actually come up with the Seven/Tuvok someone requested. But neither of them wanted to let me into their headspace long enough to write a drabble.

[ profile] cat_macdougall requested HP, Blaise/Luna

spoilers for DH )

[ profile] ljmckay requested HP, Dean (And really confused me for a few minutes until I remembered that she has yet to become interested in SPN.)

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[ profile] heylittleriver asked for two, one SGA, Ford POV

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And one Firefly, Zoe.

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[ profile] handyhunter also requested a Zoe drabble.

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Actually, Zoe took the day when it came to drabble requests, since [ profile] elvisvf101 asked for a Zoe/Wash drabble.

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[ profile] lady_tigerfish finished off with another request a Firefly character, Sheppard Book.

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Title: Memory Box
Fandom: Firefly
Timeframe: Immediately post Serenity the movie.
Rating: PG
Disclaimer: Firefly and all characters are owned by Joss Whedon. I am nowheres near as witty as he is, but I like to play in his sandbox.
Author's Note: Thanks to [ profile] lady_tigerfish, for letting me bounce ideas off of her, and [ profile] ljmckay for the admirable and speedy beta.
Summary: It had been Kaylee's idea. She’d gone around to everyone onboard Serenity and talked them into putting at least one thing in for Book to remember them by.

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I was planning on posting these yesterday, but I had the spectacular bad timing to try posting at about the same time as lj went down. So these are a bit more delayed than I'd planned on.

For [ profile] patagonian, who requested Luna and Dumbledore.
Title: Smile
Fandom: Harry Potter
Warning: Does contain mild spoilers for DH, but is set midway through POA
Words: 209

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And for [ profile] nightshadow242, who requested Kaylee and Inara
Title: No Power in the 'Verse
Fandom: Firefly
Setting: Pilot episode
Words: 210

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