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Okay, so way back in the hinterlands of distant memory, or at least several months ago (On lj, I think it's pretty much the same thing), I had people set me prompts to connect two or more characters with six drabbles.

Erm, I finally have one of them complete.

Fandoms: Chronicles of Narnia and Harry Potter.
Characters: Lucy Pevensie, Susan Pevensie, Hermione Granger
Spoilers: None for Harry Potter, unless you really didn't know that there was a character named Hermione. For Narnia, spoilers for The Last Battle, with scattered references to some of the other books.
Disclaimer: Hermione belongs to JK Rowling, not me. And Lucy and Susan belong to C.S. Lewis.

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I actually had all these written at least a week before I went back to school. I was just stalling because I wanted to see if I could actually come up with the Seven/Tuvok someone requested. But neither of them wanted to let me into their headspace long enough to write a drabble.

[ profile] cat_macdougall requested HP, Blaise/Luna

spoilers for DH )

[ profile] ljmckay requested HP, Dean (And really confused me for a few minutes until I remembered that she has yet to become interested in SPN.)

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[ profile] heylittleriver asked for two, one SGA, Ford POV

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And one Firefly, Zoe.

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[ profile] handyhunter also requested a Zoe drabble.

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Actually, Zoe took the day when it came to drabble requests, since [ profile] elvisvf101 asked for a Zoe/Wash drabble.

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[ profile] lady_tigerfish finished off with another request a Firefly character, Sheppard Book.

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I was planning on posting these yesterday, but I had the spectacular bad timing to try posting at about the same time as lj went down. So these are a bit more delayed than I'd planned on.

For [ profile] patagonian, who requested Luna and Dumbledore.
Title: Smile
Fandom: Harry Potter
Warning: Does contain mild spoilers for DH, but is set midway through POA
Words: 209

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And for [ profile] nightshadow242, who requested Kaylee and Inara
Title: No Power in the 'Verse
Fandom: Firefly
Setting: Pilot episode
Words: 210

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There are no small children underfoot today. *glees*

And I'm feeling like writing, so the first five people who comment with a character and a one-word prompt get a drabble.
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I'm bored...

Drabble promt time!

Same rules as last time, first five people to give me a character and a word or two to use as a theme get a drabble written for them.

Available Fandoms:
Doctor Who
Harry Potter
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I've got nothing I need to do this afternoon and I really want to write something.

First five people to comment with a character from one of my fandoms and one or two words for me to use somehow as theme/a word in the drabble get a drabble.

Available fandoms for today:
Harry Potter
Star Trek (Next Gen or Voyager)
Doctor Who


Sep. 28th, 2006 09:41 pm
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Really, I should have posted this about a week and a half ago, but things kept happening and I never got around to it.

[ profile] elvisvf101 requested this a while back, Minerva's perspective on Harry either the first time he flew or when he recieved his first broomstick.

Fandom: Harry Potter
Title: Flight
Timeline: SS
Characters: Harry Potter, Minerva McGonagall

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It's been a while since people requested these, but I hope you'll all be happy with what I came up with.

These are short, so I'm posting them all together.

For [ profile] catyuy, who wanted Jack after the TARDIS left.
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For [ profile] nikkinor, who wanted something about Gibbs. I hope this meets with your approval.
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For [ profile] lady_tigerfish, who requested Hermione recieving her Hogwarts letter.
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And last but not least, for [ profile] samuti, who requested either Luna or Neville post-HBP.
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Mar. 29th, 2006 05:43 pm
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Most people here know I'm in a lj comm called Hogwarts_Elite. Heck, about a third of you are from H_E. If you are, go ahead and ignore the rest of this, if you read the quibbler contest you've already seen this story.

For the rest of you, we had a fiction contest, and I threw caution to the wind and entered for the first time.

Scarily enough, I won. I've been bouncing between dancing around in circles and asking people exactly what they were smoking all day. But it does mean that I got a nifty new banner from my fellow Hufflepuffs, and a lot of nice comments on the story. And, since it went well, I'm inflicting the story on you all, as well.

Looking Back
Founders era fic, Harry Potter
Rated G

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Oh, and my shiny new banner
congrats banner )

And finally, the comments made on the story. All of these were anonymous, so if anybody here on my flist actually said one of them, speak now so I can hug you to bits.
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