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General Info:

Quick and dirty rules:

If you love the canon and you love writing your story, I will probably love it. Every prompt I throw out is a suggestion to have fun playing with or to spark ideas, it is not set in stone. I will read any rating from straight G to very explicit, though most of my prompts will start off gen based.

Things I love across all fandoms:
Female characters with agency (ie, making choices, having consequences, going out and doing the things themselves because they want them done). Friendships, especially female friendships. Friendships and respect into love. Unrequited love/pining, as long as the pining character figures out how to go on with the rest of their life. Unrequited/pining turning into mutual love as respect and friendship builds. Time travel, especially with older versions of the characters going back and interacting with younger counterparts/younger versions of their group. Lawful good characters not being lawful stupid. Lawful good characters in general (think Steve Rogers, 90% of Star Trek, Obi-Wan Kenobi, Keladry of Mindelan, most Heralds in Valdemar). I enjoy canon typical stories and canon divergent AUs, the kind where you ask what would have happened had this person made this key choice differently.

Do Not Wants:
Rape/Non-con/Dub-con. Racism/homophobia/misogyny being portrayed positively, if you have to portray it at all. Character bashing; even if it's not one of my nominated characters please assume I love everyone in all my canons and you'd be right more often than not. I squick on infidelity, so if you want to ship a couple that have significant others in canon, please set it in an au where the original couple never got together or somehow broke it off. On the other hand, I do like OT3 and consider it a very useful alternative to jealousy/shipping wars.


The Lost World - tv
Requested Characters: Marguerite Krux, John Roxton

Read more... )

Valdemar Series - Mercedes Lackey
Requested Characters: Karal Austreben

Read more... )

Joan of Arcadia
Requested Characters Joan, God

Read more... )

Hand of Isis - Jo Graham
Requested Characters Charmian

Read more... )
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Dear Yuletider
Thank you so much for writing for me. I'm really hoping that you didn't get my letter and immediately panic.

The quick and dirty method to make me happy with my Yuletide fic: write the characters I picked, let them be as awesome as they already are in canon, and enjoy your story. If you like it and are happy with the final product, I will probably love it.

That being said, if you are anything like me, you are flailing and wanting more specifics as far as likes and dislikes, and would probably enjoy a few prompts. So to start with what applies to every fanfic exchange I do, here are some general guidelines. I have no objections to gen, het, or slash, nor to ratings ranging from g to a hard NC-17, though all of my prompts started out in my head as gen. I do squick out on infidelity, so if you want to write a pairing where the characters in canon already have an SO, please make sure you introduce a reason why the original pairing either broke up or that it’s an au where they weren’t together. I’m also not fond of incest, rape, or sexual assault, and you have to work really hard to convince me that including any of those as a plot element was necessary. I love female characters, and even when I didn’t request them, assume that I’m positive/neutral to the other female characters in the canon, and wouldn’t like them bashed. (Actually, you can probably assume that for any character in the fandoms I’ve requested.) I also don’t like racism, sexism, religious bashing or homophobia to be portrayed positively. If you really want to place it in as an issue to be addressed, please do not glorify it. For example, the original The Lost World book by Doyle was full of rampant sexism and race-fail, which makes sense in context of the time period. The tv series was much better, but you will note that most of the non-white characters were alternately savage or superstitious, Please if you write an adventure story in that fandom, if you make your own culture up for the main group to be interacting with, try not to fall into that same pattern.

Now for my specific requests:

The Lost World tv
Requested Characters Marguerite Krux, John Roxton

The Lost World )

Stealing Fire - Jo Graham
Requested Characters Any

Stealing Fire )

Prince of Egypt (1998)
Requested Characters: Any

Prince of Egypt )

Jousters of Alta – Mercedes Lackey
Vetch/Kiron, Ari

Joust )
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Dear Yuletider,

I'm just going to sit here and squee at you for a bit, one, for agreeing to write in any of these categories, and two, because you are awesome and I know I'm going to love whatever you come up with. So, start with this. If it's in that fandom, and has the characters I picked in it, I am going to squee with delight and love you forever, no matter what plotbunny takes control of you. Read more... )

And finally, I've tagged this entry with pretty much everything that could be relevant, so if you need more input about what I like, what kind of stories I write, and what my meta is like.
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So, [ profile] havocthecat mentioned that it's about that time of year to re-do the "fuck you, she's awesome" meme. Which is, pretty much, to post about all the female characters in various fandoms that you like. Because, bizarrely, there are some people out there in famdom who insist that there are no female characters out there that they like. And when there are this many awesome characters available, there's no reason for that.

It might take me several posts to put up all the female characters I enjoy, at least when I'm also including a brief explanation of why they're so great.

Starting with fandoms I'm currently reading/watching: Read more... )


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