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The worst thing about having my computer hard drive die twice when I was in the Philippines was that I lost fic that I had been writing. Two stories in particular were irreplaceable, I thought.

...guess what I found hidden in the recesses of my e-mail accounts? And of course, I didn't find either by searching for them by title. I found one looking for a phone number, and the other by finally bothering to search for "kitty story".

Yes, Mom and Dad, I finally found the Right Side of the Door story again!

I also found the nano story that I'd written back when I was teaching for Americorps. Which, I need desperately to re-read through it and figure out where I was going next with it, and then I should probably start writing on it again just to see if I can finish it successfully. I know I need to work on introducing all the ghosts earlier on in the narrative, and that I need to actually get my head around the whole plot issue.
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So, private opinion poll. Should I:

A) Finish writing Ghost Wake (ghosts and a century-old murder mystery on a college campus, lots of interesting student dynamics, and I'd finally get to write the other ghosts that I've had all the backstory and interesting details on.) Only problem? I have no idea of how things are going to fit together there. It might take me the entire next 50000 words to get everything moving.


B) Write a lesbian Cinderella story with magic, Cinderella and a random noblewoman hooking up together, the stepmother and a royal councilor trying to stir up a war with another kingdom, and the princess of that foreign kingdom joining forces with Cinderella, the noblewoman, and the prince to stop the war from happening. Cons: I'd have to come up with a coherent system of magic, two separate working kingdoms, and a whole lot of characters and politics.

I figure I'll need to decide this stuff in October so that I can actually character-create if need be (and, you know, plot things out?) before November hits. Plus if I go for the Cinderella have at least one freak-out about trying to write something which has at least one romantic sub-plot. Still haven't decided if the prince and princess are going to be actively falling in love, or just go for the, "well, we get along well enough and it's in the best interest of both kingdoms, so sure," bit.

Nano Update

Nov. 4th, 2010 10:44 pm
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23 pages! 10000 words in!

This is officially the longest anything I've ever written, let alone the longest fiction piece.

Also, write-ins are incredible geeky fun, as long as I get my main wordcount for the day written beforehand. We spent more time talking about our stories than anything else.

And see, [profile] sirutka, I did finish my first ten thousand words, so I have now earned the first box of candy you gave me free and clear.


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