Jan. 14th, 2014

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Yesterday, my students managed to provoke me into beating my head against the chalkboard. I'm pretty sure they found it hilarious.

For context: I'm currently in the section of Church history about Christianity coming to the Americas. In very broad, general terms. I'd spent the class period last week explaining among other things the general areas colonized by different countries in Europe, and which branch of Christianity got brought across.

So we're having a review, very quickly, about which areas were colonized primarily by Spain, and which were therefore primarily Catholic. And I'm asking them to give me a country or general area, and not getting much response. I cue them up by asking which countries might speak Spanish, and one student pops up very cheerfully with, "Russia!"


And at that I turned away from the class and started beating my head against the chalkboard, before explaining exactly how far away Russia is from Latin America. Nevermind the predominant Christian denomination in Russia is Orthodox, let's just talk about how far Russia is from any of the places Spain was trying to conquer. Frankly one of the best decisions Spain made as an Empire was that messing with Russia just was never going to be worth it.


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