Jan. 31st, 2014

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So, heard back from Life Together (Boston peeps) to schedule an interview. They link me to a site where I can book my own time. I was crossing my fingers for an early morning/evening timeslot, you know, one which doesn't involve going against my own time zone too much. No such luck. The only evening slot they had was for 7pm Thursday night, which translates to 8am Friday for me. And that time is also known as "Margaret is actively teaching a class" time, not "Margaret is sitting twiddling her thumbs in the teacher's room" time.

So the time slot I could make work is for 3pm on Saturday for them. 4am on Sunday morning, the weekend after this one. *headdesks*

I've bought some skype credit so I can try calling in using skype, and I'm going to test the skype-to-phone quality probably this weekend for a few minutes to see how well it is going to work. If it doesn't work that well, I'll be dumping another 500 pesos onto my cell and hoping against hope that it'll last for a 45 minute conference call to the US.

I'm crossing my fingers that this applies to both programs, so I don't have to make a call like this twice.


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