Mar. 12th, 2014

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Dear student:

You are Christian. You have been attending an Episcopal school for at least two years, possibly eight. You are forced to attend church services every week or so. And I defined it in class and then reviewed it a few times later. How do you not know what a parable is?

This is basic knowledge dear heart.

Brought to you by a student who re-wrote my essay question, so I know he knew what I was asking for, then defined a parable as a prophet of Jesus, then said that a prophet was a fortune-teller, then rambled for a sentence with grammar so convoluted I'm not actually able to understand what he was trying to say.

My head has met the desk, and I've only been grading for an hour.

ETA: the next test paper gave me: "The parable (The Good Samaritan) explains that not all beggars are real beggars some of them are just faking it to get money sometimes some people you pity are just after something you have."


I...just...maybe this is in the version of the bible when God really likes rich people and thinks the poor are out to destroy America?


I give up. Alcohol. Why is it only 9 in the morning and too early to be drinking?


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