Aug. 25th, 2014

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A basic intro to the people I'll be living with for the next year, mostly so I don't have to explain each time I post. Lucky for me, everyone has different first initials.

C. is my roommate. She's from the Seattle area, and is working on an interfaith group to increase access to alternative energy and energy conservation matters. We geek out together over dancing, Celtic music, and the wonder that is The Book Thing giving away free books every weekend. There's an Irish pub like three blocks away that we are already making plans to visit and see if dancing on the open amateur night might get us free drinks.

M. is the guy on the same floor as C and I. He's a fellow geek, both sci-fi and religon-wise. I'm still trying to get a real feel for him.

D. and S. D is the guy, S is the girl. They both came from New Jersey, and are currently dating. Both are nice, but they definitely operate as a unit, which sometimes makes it hard to get to know each of them independently. S started up her own non-profit in college, which is utterly impressive to pretty much all of us.

J. is our other guy. Utter sweetheart, and my fellow morning person. He brought his turtle along, and the group has decided that RZA is our mascot this year. He's a local, and I got to meet his girlfriend this weekend.

K. I think I know the least, because she spent part of our first week being sick and going home (to DC) for testing. She seems pretty sweet so far.

All of us are at least comfortable with being in the same room without speaking, and with semi-passive common time together, though we've been trying to do at least a decent bit of group bonding. I am the oldest by about 4-5 years, which probably will have its impact in this year.


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