Sep. 29th, 2014

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So I asked for people for the work filter list, and then I haven't felt the need to process through or rant too much online. I am staying at a pretty low level of clients, and, perhaps because I feel like I'm actively being of use, it hasn't been as stressful to me, even hearing the DV histories.

I do have a couple moments of win from work. One is that I found a couple of really good resources for things like low income computers and a way we can do lifeline phones (that's the free basic phone with 250 minutes of calling per month) straight through our department for our clients. Which means yay, me being there a month now has already been of use and done important things. And I dance the chair dance of joy and smug satisfaction that I found the resource to get our clients a basic computer for $25. Because people these days really do need a computer for basic access to jobsites and applications.

I'm also dancing the chair dance of satisfaction because I've been complimented by two of my supervisors for basic work ethic and jumping into things and just getting started already at my job. One of the supervisors says that she normally hates interns because they don't come in expecting to work, and that she was really glad that the ESC intern before me and I both came in with the desire to actually do the job. I haven't told her my mother's definition of professionalism yet, but I think she'd approve.

As for the house/community living.

We're entering the post-honeymoon stage of things, right on schedule. Overall I still think people in general are pretty great. My roommate is awesome, and we geek out a lot over Celtic music and cool hats. She's pretty passionate, especially on things about the environment and social justice and how it all intertwines and interconnects. And, well, I have a best friends type that tends to be all passionate individuals who care deeply about things and are creative. My new roommate slots right in there with that, which also means I have a pretty decent understanding of how to handle her, both good and bad.

I feel like J is the next person I'm closest to in the house. He and I are on the same cooking team, and we've tended to go grocery shopping together a lot, plus we both tend to be the early risers and are working at similar/overlapping sites. He's a very calm and laid-back personality, which means that he's very soothing to interact with. We can both sit quietly in a room together or on a walk and not have to talk a lot.

I was ranting to my mother on skype a lot about M. I think my main thing is that he is younger than everyone in the house, and the maturity level does show. In general I think he's not very good at communicating/being in community, and I'm not quite sure if he really thought through what this year was about, because he's not super into being a part of the community, and he's agnostic/atheistic and very resistant to prayer. Which in general I have no problems with, but he did volunteer for a religious community for a year, and it was built into the program that it was communal living and had a lot of prayer/worship/spiritual exploration built into it.

And on a different/brighter note, apparently several members of the community have decided that I am magic/there is nothing I don't know how to cook. All this because I know how to get broken glass off the floor, how to clean a pan with burnt on bits, and know how to make both bread and pumpkin spice syrup? Sometimes I forget that what I consider basic life skill knowledge isn't actually basic for everyone. Here's for learning to cook and clean the easy way: watching and learning gradually as I age, rather than learning it the hard way as soon as I went out on my own.


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