Nov. 28th, 2014

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ESC/Housemates: things seem to be settling. We went out for icecream on Monday, and have basically been meshing a bit better now that we have issues at least looked at, if not resolved. Chore rotation was supposed to be implemented this month, and it sort of half happened, what with two separate half weeks, relatives dying, illness, and just forgetting that we were doing a new chore.

Diocese of Maryland/religion: I have a spiritual mentor assigned who is lovely and intelligent and fantastic. We meet for chai and discussion once a month, and she's plotting to take me to her church's coffeeshop concerts when there is not car breakage/holiday insanity. I went on the trail of souls pilgrimage:, commemorating the end of slavery in Maryland and the role of the Episcopal church with slavery in the state of Maryland. That was intense and emotional, but very good. The current bishop of the Episcopal Diocese of Maryland, Bishop Sutton, is the first African-American bishop in the diocese, and having him lead a lot of the pilgrimage really did shape the day. As he pointed out in his closing sermon/reflection, the first bishops of Maryland could not have predicted the church as it is today. At the reflection session held last Saturday, two weeks after the main pilgrimage, it was pointed out that I was the token person under 40, and the group, including me, reflected a bit on what stories are being passed down, what things are remembered and transmitted. So much of the prep for the pilgrimage ended up being individual churches researching and discovering their own histories and how they related to the larger stories of history. Me being me, I really latched on to the storytelling aspect, and the importance of listening and acknowledging the history that informs our present.

Work: I moved floors this past week. We got a new CSC in, and therefore had to play musical offices a bit to make everyone fit. So one of the longer-term CSCs got my office on the first floor, and I'm now up on the third floor with the new hire, across the hallway from my supervisor. It's funny, there are several people on the first floor who keep telling me how much they miss me, but I'm still down there all the time (tea is good, tea is my friend, the working microwave to make more tea is on the first floor). The third floor is busier, and they keep feeding me. House of Ruth apparently attracts stress-bakers. My workload is shifting slightly, I'm doing a bit more admin as well as more of the departmental follow-up calls to people who were referred to us but don't hit our needs criteria. I also apparently thrilled a few people in the counseling department this week because I told one of the counseling staff about the resource sheets I've been working on and forwarded them over. Counseling staff apparently has been wanting to know where to send their clients for one off things that they don't need a CSC for. Now when someone says they're having trouble with their energy bill, instead of counseling making a referral to CSC, and my supervisor headdesking because it doesn't fit our requirements and forwarding it to me to do the once and done follow-up call where I give them the info off of the energy bill form, counseling can print it off and hand it to the client. Less hassle for everyone.

Family: Thanksgiving is being spent with my Aunt Cathy and Uncle Ralph. I introduced them to a simplified version of Elizabeth's green bean casserole, and the rest we got delivered by one of the local take and bake places. I called family after dinner and got to spend an hour or so talking with my best beloved parents and siblings. Topics discussed included which is scarier: nuclear reactor explosion or Mom being angry. Mom being angry won by a landslide. Aunt Cindy confirmed her insanity by talking about how much fun it was to set her off. Other topics discussed included art store gift certificates, pretty new hats, the bathroom remodel that I still haven't seen, Into the Woods, and Christmas dinner menu items. We have resolved that we're eating Jesus (lamb) and experimenting with bread puddings and hard sauce for desert.

Yuletide: I got in a good block of writing today. I've got two out of five scenes done, another half of one done, and the other scenes are plotted out. Currently I'm just shy of 2,000 words, it will probably be in the 4,000-5,000 range by the end. I'm going to see if I can bang it out by the end of the weekend, then I can sift through and get it betaed in plenty of time. There's one treat I would love to write, but I'd need to do canon review that I haven't had time for yet.


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