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Birthdate:Jan 9
I'm a dreamer. A pragmatic idealist, and no that's not a contradiction in terms. A total bookworm. I'm also absolutely insane and proud of it. I'm religious, but I'm also studying biology, and I see no contradiction. Ask me a question about either subject and I'll talk your ear off.

What's in this journal:
squeeing about my favorite shows/fandoms, especially Doctor Who, Torchwood, NCIS and Harry Potter.
lots of talk about my real life, including talk about my coursework,
talk about my family and friends,
recently, fanfic of various and sundry fandoms.
A few quizzes that catch my eye,
Rants about anything that catches my interest and upsets me,
Generalized silliness.

I'll friend anyone that asks, or who I see has friended me, but how much I'll comment/look at your journal will depend solely on my interest in the topic, not on how much I like you.

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albus dumbledore, anne of green gables, babylon 5, being strange, biology, books, bpal, buffy the vampire slayer, c.s. lewis, carson beckett, cats, celtic music, center for progressive christianity, children's books, chocolate, christianity, church, comfortable physical affection, comparative religions, crossovers, cs lewis, dance, daniel jackson, data, david hewlett, discussion, discworld, disney songs, doctor mccoy, doctor who, dragons, elizabeth weir, episcopalian, eric flint, fairy tales, fandom, fanfic, fanfiction, fantasy, feminism, firefly, folk music, foreign cultures, fred burkle, gargoyles, geeks, genetics, giles, giving casual massages, harry potter, hating mushed ship names, hermione granger, history, hogwarts, hugs, human rights, imagination, imzadi, instrumental music, jack o'niell, judaism, labyrinth, learning, libraries, lord of the rings, loreena mckennitt, luna lovegood, madeleine l'engle, marcus cole, mary magdalene, mckay/weir, medieval reenactment, mercedes lackey, meta, midrash, minerva mcgonagall, monty python, music, musicals, mythology, narnia, ncis, neville longbottom, new books, otps, personality, philosophy, physical therapy, poetry, pooh bear, proper grammar, proper spelling, quotes, radek zelenka, randomness, reading, religion, remus lupin, renaissance festivals, rodney mckay, sacred music, samantha carter, samwise gamgee, sarcasm, sci-fi, science, science fiction, scott summers, sewing, sga music vids, shiny things, singing, snark, socrates, soundtracks, space, sphinx, star trek, star wars, stargate sg-1, stories, storytelling, sugar highs, supernatural, tardis, tea, teal'c, teddy bears, terry pratchett, teyla emmagen, the princess bride, thinking, thor, twirly skirts, very small phoenixes, vulcans
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