Sep. 10th, 2016


Sep. 10th, 2016 09:48 pm
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So my inability to tell when someone is flirting/hitting on me tends towards the legendary among my friends in real life.

Today? Today I actually noticed. Partially because it was so many of them in a row, and partially because one of them was pretty much lacking in all subtlety as he:

pointed out that he was a single father twice
mentioned that he'd been divorced for three months now
sat next to me talking at the church table for a good twenty minutes
Asked me if I had family, clarified to ask if I was married, then engaged, then if I was single in very short order
Found me and sent a friend request on facebook before I got home

At that point even I can take a hint. Dude wasn't creepy or annoying, just very obvious about his intent.

The other was having about three late twenty-something guys hovering around my table for a bit eating cookies and doing mild flirting with me.

...The things that happen when it's 90+ degrees out and you're wearing a semi low-cut sundress and have a prodigious bustline.

And also when you're handing out free cookies and lemonade at a street music fair/block party type thing for your church. That probably contributed in large part to the group of guys.


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