Nov. 5th, 2016

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...It didn't happen.

So last night my uncle called around 6ish to let us know that traffic was really bad and he'd be taking the long way home, we should have our dinner and not wait for him. I finished making the soup and bread, and aunt Cathy and I ate.

Right around 7:20 we get another call from my uncle. He hit a dear. Or the dear hit him, more. He was okay, just a little shaken, and he needed us to come get him while a tow truck collected his car.

So Cathy and I called various people to let them know not to come over, including the landscaper guy, and she and I got in the truck and went to find Uncle Ralph. We spent from a little after 7:30ish till 9pm sitting in the driveway of the house closest to where the accident had happened, chatting with the couple that had come out to check on Ralph and offered him a place to move his car, and the tow truck still didn't show. We decided to head back to my aunt and uncle's place, leaving the car with its keys for the tow truck.

The couple that had helped Uncle Ralph called around 9:45ish to let us know that the tow truck had finally arrived.

Landscaper guy called me this morning, reaffirmed that he still wanted to try to connect with me, and I said I'd be willing to at least talk further to see if we had anything in common. So no awkward post dinner conversation, but a slightly awkward phone call?


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