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Fandom: Torchwood
Timeline: Set late in season one, but uses season two's backstory extensively.
Characters/Ships: Everyone gets a mention, but the focus is on Tosh. Canon ships mentioned.
Wordcount: approximately 6,000
Disclaimer: The recognizable characters and settings belong to those running Doctor Who/Torchwood. Lavender is mine, as there had to be someone working as a team medic between the time Jack took over and the time he hired Owen. Brownie points if you recognize the children's novel I grabbed her name from.
Summary: These are the things that form her life.
Author's Notes: First, a big thank you to [ profile] vaudy, who put a lot of work into whipping this story into shape. Second, I have several references within this story to books and songs. I tried to go for relatively unobscure works, but if you don't catch a reference, poke me for clarification. (And with the music, I'll just point you to youtube, where all the songs are up in good versions).

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There are no small children underfoot today. *glees*

And I'm feeling like writing, so the first five people who comment with a character and a one-word prompt get a drabble.
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Written for [ profile] marylane23 as part of the Rose Tyler ficathon. She asked for Jackie and Mickey in a positive light, time travel mind-bendiness, and an ordinary everyday activity occurring in the TARDIS. Part one has exactly none of those, they're all forth-coming.

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So evidently the creative portion of my brain came back last night and this popped out.

Fandom: Doctor Who
Title: Lost
Timeline: Takes place during the episode Rose
Disclaimer: Anything you recognize is from Doctor Who and belongs to RTD and the BBC, not me. I just like playing with the characters.
Summary: He knew he was lost the moment he truly held her hand...

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It's been a while since people requested these, but I hope you'll all be happy with what I came up with.

These are short, so I'm posting them all together.

For [ profile] catyuy, who wanted Jack after the TARDIS left.
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For [ profile] nikkinor, who wanted something about Gibbs. I hope this meets with your approval.
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For [ profile] lady_tigerfish, who requested Hermione recieving her Hogwarts letter.
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And last but not least, for [ profile] samuti, who requested either Luna or Neville post-HBP.
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